WOW!! Those lights are fantastic!! We are the last building with the old lights and the difference is amazing!!!! It used to be so dark, we wouldn't walk the dogs all the way around the neighborhood (the dog park was very sketchy) and I had to leave the porch lights on to see walking up to my patio....but I get a feeling tomorrow night I won't have to!! Everyone I talked to is so happy!! Thank you and Rick so much. I know you guys work hard for us to have a nice place to stay. This makes it so much safer and better.
Thank You :-))


I would like to commend Friendship Village on beautifying their landscape, i.e., grass, bushes, etc. I think the name of the company is Wilcox. They are doing an outstanding job cutting the grass, edging and cleaning up after their job. It looks wonderful. Also, the lighting that was recently installed outside and on our floors is exceptional. I almost have to wear sunglasses at 10:30 at night. THANK YOU for the improvements.


Nice, clean and friendly place to live.